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Our professional course offers everything from start to finish if you want to become a professional skipper. As part of the 18-day course, a test was organized for the  C category boat leader. After successfully passing our course and passing the exam in the Harbor Master’s Office, we provide you with two weeks of work with the possibility of further cooperation if the standards of work are met. After that, for a successful career, it is essential to gather experience and good reviews.

‘C’ category boat leader is the minimum navigation license with which it is possible to work as a professional skipper. This license is a commercial license.

Category B boat leader license allows the management of boat up to 30GT.

According to Croatian law, at least one person on the vessel must possess valid Navigational and VHF licenses. If you want to charter a yacht but don’t want to hire a skipper, then you must have valid licenses in addition to the sailing experience.

Here you can browse the list of license valid in Croatia.

In Croatia, a license can be taken for the leader of a C-category boat, which is internationally recognized everywhere with the IALA A system. This is the license for boats up to 30GT. Also, you can take the license Yachtmaster 100GT and Yachtmaster 500GT

Yes, as part of our course we can organize the taking of any permit.

In our course, you can adjust the program to your goals and wishes and also, you can choose how many days you want to have a course. Our recommendation is to have individual training lasting at least 7 days so that during that period there is enough time to practice all the elements of our program.

In each of our courses, of the additional costs, there are food and drinks during the course and the costs of taking exams at the Harbor Master’s Office. On our Individual course, we do not cover the cost of berths if the night is outside the departure marina.

Courses are held on one of the following ships: Elan 40.1 (2022), Elan 45.1 (2022), Dufour 430 (2019), Oceanis Clipper 393 (2002), a catamaran course is held on Lagoon 42 or something similar.

There are a maximum of 8 participants per boat who will be accommodated in 4 cabins. The cabin has one double bed.

Yes, this option is available, in which case the price is 60% higher.

All our courses are held in English. Individual courses, on request, can also be in German or Italian if the skipper instructor is available.

Experience is always good, but all our courses are designed in such a way that no experience is required to attend the course.

Minimum age to attend the course is 18. Individuals under the age of 18 accompanied by their parents can also attend the individual course.

Check-in is at 16:00, and check-out is at 08:30.

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