Sailing Course – Individual

A one-on-one sailing school to bring out the professional skipper in you. During the individual skipper course, you will sail in Croatia with your private instructor and master your sailing skills much faster.

The individual one-on-one approach is adapted to meet your specific demands and to make you an experienced skipper in less time.

The course starts almost anywhere you are in the Croatian Adriatic coast. Send us free enquiry!

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No previous sailing experience needed

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Sailing Course Experience

The Individual skipper course is a one-on-one sailing school in Croatia with your private sailing instructor. Depending on your requirements, you will sail from 1 to 14 full days and nights. 

Your instructor will completely adapt the course outline to meet your demands. You can select the course plan, its precise features, and the course duration. 

Learn how to sail quick and easy

The Individual sailing course is tailored to meet your needs and quickly turn you into a skillful skipper. Throughout the course, you will have the undivided attention of your private instructor. The one-on-one approach allows both the instructor and the attendee to focus better, making the learning curve much steeper. This course is your opportunity to learn way faster than through other standard Croatia Sailing Academy courses.
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What You Will Learn

Experience the sea like a real sailor:

  • Unwind and take time to slow down
  • Tune into the slow Mediterranean way of life as you sail the Croatian coast
  • Explore infinite secluded bays
  • Visit genuine villages
  • Take a tour of historical cities and their local cuisine as they come across the sailing route
  • Embrace the authentic Croatian view of life

Navigational skills:

  • Meteorology
  • Map reading methods
  • Navigation plan and route specification
  • Navigational instruments usage


  • Locating and inspection of onboard first aid
  • Most common injuries and avoidance methods
  • Safety at sea
  • Everyday practical work on VHF radio station

Mechanical problems solving:

  • Introduction to the main characteristics of the propulsion system
  • Motor and propulsion system control
  • Recognizing and solving the ship’s most common system failures
  • Recognizing and solving the most common sailing mistakes
  • Correct usage of the mooring winch
  • Avoiding the most common boat damages

Skipper's skills:

  • Knowing the responsibilities, duties and rights of a skipper
  • Trimming of the sails
  • Nodes
  • Preparing the boat for navigation
  • Introduction to the basic sailing rules
  • Check-in and check-out process
  • Internal crew communication

Boat maneuvering:

  • Mooring of the boat, by stern and flank
  • Departure from the mooring site, secluded and between other boats
  • Docking by bow and stern
  • Various anchoring techniques
  • Tying the mooring buoy

Choose the themed Individual course that fits you best

  • Standard Individual course
  • Luxury sailing course
  • Gastro sailing tour
  • Wine and sail tour
  • Advanced sailing tour
  • Robinson Crusoe tour
  • Yoga & sailing retreat

Benefits of Individual tour

  • Choose to sail solo or bring your friends and family on board
  • Enjoy the one-on-one approach with your sailing instructor
  • Make the course completely adapted to your needs
  • Embrace our CSA motto: Sail, Learn, Enjoy

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