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Sailing Course Professional with license C

Get your Skipper License C in just 18 days with our professional skipper training course. You’ll sail approximately 350 nautical miles of day and night navigation, giving you the chance to hone your skills and improve your sailing experience while experiencing the hidden beauties of Croatia and immersing yourself in the local culture. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a professional skipper! Spend your summer at sea, doing the job of your dream.

Objectives of Sailing Course Professional with license C

The course runs 24/7 for 18 days, simultaneously teaching theoretical and practical components. Sail with experienced instructors, simulate real-life situations, and gain hands-on experience. The theoretical portion covers important topics such as navigation, meteorology, safety procedures, and regulations. The practical part allows participants to practice sailing techniques, emergency responses, and other essential skills necessary for operating a vessel. The aim is to obtain an international Croatian Licence C after passing the exam.

By completing the course, candidates can obtain the Croatian Licence C, which is internationally recognized. This opens up opportunities for employment and vessel renting in various locations worldwide, providing a pathway to pursue a career as a professional skipper.

Explore Croatia’s stunning coast during the course, visiting both famous tourist destinations and lesser-known spots from the islands of Lošinj, Unije, and Susak to breathtaking Kornati National Park, and then to Vis, Hvar, Brač, and Šolta. Led by passionate skipper-instructors, the course ensures high-quality instruction and support. Turn your sailing passion into a career or enhance your skills with the Professional Skipper Course.

  • No previous experience required
  • No licence required
  • Duration – 18 days
  • Requirement for skipper job: minimum 18 years old, fluent in English

Boat maneuvering

  • Mooring of the boat, by stern and flank
  • Departure from the mooring site, secluded and between other boats
  • Docking by bow and stern
  • Various anchoring techniques
  • Tying the mooring buoy

Navigational skills

  • Meteorology
  • Map reading methods
  • Navigation plan and course specification
  • Navigational instruments usage

Skipper's skills

  • Knowing the responsibilities, duties and rights of a skipper
  • Trimming of the sails
  • Nodes
  • Preparing the boat for navigation
  • Introduction to the basic sailing rules
  • Check-in and check-out process
  • Internal crew communicationa

Mechanical problems solving

  • Introduction to the main characteristics of the propulsion system
  • Motor and propulsion system control
  • Recognizing and solving the ship’s most common system failures
  • Recognizing and solving the most common sailing mistakes
  • Correct usage of the mooring winch
  • Avoiding the most common boat damages


  • Locating and inspection of onboard first aid
  • Most common injuries and avoidance methods
  • Safety at sea
  • Everyday practical work on VHF radio station
  • License category “C” (Boat leader up to 30 GT)
  • Professional skipper instructor Yacht Master
  • Support via phone in first year of work you will have a lot of questions or need some advice
  • On board accommodation
  • Liability Insurance and C roatia tax
  • Boat fuel
  • Marina and mooring expenses
  • Tourist taxes
  • Linen and final boat cleaning cleaning
  • Professional literature
  • Adriatic coast route recommendations
  • CSA T shirt & jacket
  • Croatia Sailing Academy certificate (trainees who achieved to meet the CSA criteria)
  • Food during the course (for you and the instructor) (approximately 100€/week)
  • Transport to the departure marina
  • Exam costs by Harbour Master’s Office
  • Croatian citizen (72€) other nationalities (135€)
  • Medical examination for the exam (85€)* The prices of the exam and medical examinations are prone to change.

At Croatia Sailing Academy our aim is to bring the necessary knowledge and confidence to make you a s trong , skilled and professional skipper. While we teach and listen to our Candidates, we focus on developing the ability to steer and sail a boat , as well as on developing excellent communication skills.

By the end of your course we confidently believe you will have the expertise to :

  • Have the ability to steer a boat during daytime in coastal areas
  • Display competence in docking and anchoring a boat
  • Skillfully sail a boat using sails
  • Learn how to handle any potential minor mechanical problems
  • Use VHF radio effectively


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