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Welcome to your private sailing crew service for an unforgettable sailing adventure in Croatia!

Our sailing crew for bareboat charters service covers a professional skipper, hostess, and chef.

Trained to provide stellar hospitality service, our crew acts as a link between you and the authentic Croatian sea life experience. Our professional skippers manage the boat and the sailing routes, providing general safety for staff and boat guests.

They will also be your local guides giving you important information. Hostesses will provide a flawless cleaning service, prepare breakfast and lunch and act as an assistant to the skipper.

Enjoy the authentic local Croatian cuisine with a private chef on board. You will eat carefully prepared meals from local ingredients respecting your dietary habits. Our trained crew service will be your local guide through your sail week in Croatia while providing a safe and professional boat service. Welcome aboard!

Professional skipper, hostess and chef

Welcome aboard!

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What does a professional skipper do?

  • Manages the boat
  • Sails the boat and controls driving routes
  • Provides general safety of staff and boat guests
  • Acts as a local guide

What does a skipper's day look like?

  • Early morning: Prepares the boat for sailing
  • Morning: Cleans up after breakfast, sets sail
  • Midday: Finds the perfect lunch spot for the day
  • Afternoon: Arrives at the port
  • Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant with boat guests


What does a boat hostess do?

  • Standard boat interior cleaning tasks
  • Prepares breakfast and light lunch
  • Manages additional guest inquiries
  • Assists the skipper on occasion

What does a hostess's day look like?

  • Early morning: Prepares breakfast
  • Morning: Cleans up after breakfast, makes sure the boat is ready to set sail
  • Noon: Prepares and serves light lunch, cleans up afterward
  • Afternoon: Helps skipper moor the boat for the night
  • Evening: Dinner at a local restaurant with boat guests

Boat chef

What does a boat chef do?

  • Prepares three meals per day
  • Manages and runs the boat kitchen
  • Takes care of grocery supply

What does a chef's day look like?

  • Early morning: Does grocery supply at the local market
  • Morning: Prepares breakfast
  • Noon: Cooks and serves lunch
  • Afternoon: Kitchen cleanup before the boat sets sail
  • Early Evening: Starts cooking dinner
  • Evening: Serves dinner

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