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Sailing Course – Basic

The basic course is a seven-day intermediate sailing school. During the course, you will sail in the waters around Pula and nearby islands of the northern Adriatic.

Sailing Course – Professional

It takes 18 days of sailing school to turn you into a professional skipper. In the professional skipper course, you will sail the Croatian coast.

Sailing Course – Individual

A one-on-one sailing school to bring out the professional skipper in you. During the individual skipper course, you will sail in Croatia with your private instructor and master your sailing skills much faster.


Sail from bay to bay and discover all secluded coves of the Adriatic coast. You will shortly appreciate the ease of yacht travel on a dream-like boat.


Learn how to sail like an experienced skipper. Master your skills in the manner of a real captain of the sea.


Enjoy the Croatian coast in all its splendor. Once we set sail, fulfill your adventure with secret coves or take-up on the challenge of discovering the authentic Croatian life by the sea.

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By becoming a professional skipper, you are a likely candidate for the best summer job in the world. Have the most exciting summer adventure while making money at the same time.
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